Google Keyboard Shortcuts - dummies

Google Keyboard Shortcuts

By Ryan Teeter, Karl Barksdale

Part of Google Apps For Dummies Cheat Sheet

To use Google Apps shortcut keys, simply press the letter on the keyboard. Unless indicated in the following table, you don’t need to use the Ctrl (or Apple’s Command) key with them. If a shortcut key doesn’t work, try pressing the Esc key first.

Gmail Keyboard Shortcuts
Function Keystroke
Compose C
Compose in a new window Shift+C
Search /
Move to a newer conversation K
Move to an older conversation J
Next message N
Previous message P
Open, expand, or collapse a message O or Enter
Return to conversation list U
Archive Y
Mute M
Select conversation X
Star a message or conversation S
Report spam !
Reply R
Reply all A
Forward F
Save draft Ctrl+S
Delete #
Google Calendar Keyboard Shortcuts
Function Keystroke
Create event C
Search /
Previous date range P
Next date range N
Jump to today T
Day view D
Customized view X
Week view W
Month view M
Agenda view A
Quick Add Q
Back to Calendar Esc
Save an event Alt+S