Google Docs Shortcut Keys - dummies

Google Docs Shortcut Keys

By Ryan Teeter, Karl Barksdale

Part of Google Apps For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Google knows that keyboard shortcuts make your life easier. The following keyboard shortcuts work in some or all of the Google Docs Apps. In the table’s Works In column, D=Docs, S=Spreadsheets, P=Presentations.

Function Keystroke Works In
Save Ctrl+S D, S, P
Bold Ctrl+B D, S, P
Italics Ctrl+I D, S, P
Underline Ctrl+U D, S, P
Cut Ctrl+X D, S, P
Copy Ctrl+C D, S, P
Paste Ctrl+V D, S, P
Redo Ctrl+Y D, S
Undo Ctrl+Z D, S
Move to previous cell in table or row Shift+Tab D, S
Move to next cell in table or row Tab D, S
Select all Ctrl+A D
Center align Ctrl+E D
Right align Ctrl+R D
Left align Ctrl+L D
Full justify Ctrl+J D
Insert link Ctrl+K D
Insert comment Ctrl+M D
Bulleted list Ctrl+Shift+L D
Header style 1/2/3 Ctrl+1/Ctrl+2/Ctrl+3 D
Go to last cell in data region Ctrl+End S
Go to first cell in data region Ctrl+Home S
Go to left- or right-most cell in data region (current
Ctrl+left arrow or Ctrl+ right arrow S
Go to top- or bottom-most cell in data region (current
Ctrl+ up arrow or Ctrl+ down arrow S
Edit active cell F2 S
Move to previous cell in column Shift+Enter S
Extend the selection up/down one screen Shift+Page Up/Shift+Page Down S
Select entire column Ctrl+spacebar S
Select entire row Shift+spacebar S
Manual select Shift+ up arrow, down arrow, left arrow, or right arrow S
Insert new slide Ctrl+M P
Move down one slide Page Down P
Move up one slide Page Up P
View full-screen F11 P
Next slide Right arrow P
Previous slide Left arrow P
End show Esc P