How to Share Photos Safely on the Internet - dummies

How to Share Photos Safely on the Internet

By Nancy C. Muir, Linda Criddle

Posting pictures online is a wonderful way to share experiences with others. If you share only with people who know you well, on reputable sites, and with privacy protections in place, you can be fairly worry-free. Your friends and family probably already know the information being shared. Just have fun and enjoy. But be cautious.

If you want to share photos publicly, there are a few things you need to know to stay safer:

  • Understand what information is in a photo: Consider not what you think you are sharing, but what a criminal or bully can glean. Can you see the ages of people in the photos? Socio-economic status? Emotional vulnerabilities? Identifying information like house numbers or landmarks? Is there a caption under the photo or information in the person’s blog or album that adds to what a criminal can learn?

  • Some types of information can be used in unintended ways: Unintended uses can include ways to embarrass you, threaten you, or steal from you or someone else.

  • Decide who should be allowed to see photos: Some information should only be shared privately. You can adjust privacy settings on most sites to make your photos available to only the people you select.