Boost Your Digital Literacy with Formatting Shortcuts in Word - dummies

Boost Your Digital Literacy with Formatting Shortcuts in Word

By Faithe Wempen

Part of Digital Literacy For Dummies Cheat Sheet

In Microsoft Word, you can use a variety of keyboard shortcuts to apply formatting (including italics, bold, and underline); change the font or size of your text; or adjust the spacing and alignment of paragraphs.

Attribute Keyboard Shortcut
All caps Ctrl+Shift+A
Bold Ctrl+B
Decrease font size Ctrl+Shift+<
Double underline text Ctrl+Shift+D
Format Painter – copy Ctrl+Shift+C
Format Painter – paste Ctrl+Shift+V
Increase font size Ctrl+Shift+>
Italic Ctrl+I
Font dialog box Ctrl+D
Small caps Ctrl+Shift+K
Subscript Ctrl+=
Superscript Ctrl+Shift+ + (plus sign)
Underline Ctrl+U
Underline words but not spaces Ctrl+Shift+W
Change case Shift+F3
Remove all manual character formatting Ctrl+spacebar
Single-space lines Ctrl+1
Double-space lines Ctrl+2
Add or remove space before the paragraph Ctrl+0 (zero)
Switch between Centered and Left-Aligned Ctrl+E
Switch between Justified and Left-Aligned Ctrl+J
Switch between Right-Aligned and Left-Aligned Ctrl+R
Left Align Ctrl+L
Left Indent Ctrl+M
Remove Left Indent Ctrl+Shift+M
Hanging Indent Ctrl+T
Remove Paragraph Formatting Ctrl+Q
Open the Styles task pane Alt+Ctrl+Shift+S
Apply Normal style Ctrl+Shift+N
Apply Heading 1 style Alt+Ctrl+1
Apply Heading 2 style Alt+Ctrl+2