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Basics of Passwords to Remember for Communication, Entertainment and Search and Information Websites

By Ryan C. Williams

To help you get started filling in you account password journal for the internet, here’s a list of typical password-protected accounts that most of you have to set up as you do our electronic banking, shopping, playing, and other activities. Use the list as a reminder for the various passwords you might have created and then jot them down in the appropriate place in your password journal.

Communications passwords

If you’ve used the Internet for a while, you likely have an e-mail password. As you get more accustomed to the online world, you might create a blog or file-sharing account as well. Remember that the passwords for such sites access not only your ability to use these accounts, but also the content you keep in these accounts. Use unique passwords for each of these accounts!

  • Blogs (including WordPress and Blogger)

  • E-mail (if you use Google, Yahoo!, or Microsoft, this password will be the same as those accounts)

  • Skype

  • Online forums

  • File-sharing sites (including Dropbox and Google Drive)

Share only those files that you have the rights and permissions to share. Services like BitTorrent provide a valuable service to disseminate software quickly and efficiently, and you shouldn’t use those services to illegally share music, movies, and the like.

Entertainment passwords

Entertainment sites hold the keys to your online fun, including video- and music-streaming services. These passwords don’t usually include financial information, but you should still never share these passwords with anybody else. Who knows how somebody’s viewing habits will mess up your Netflix recommendations?

  • Amazon Prime (this password will be the same as your Amazon password)

  • Dailymotion

  • Hulu

  • Image-sharing sites (including Imgur, Instagram, and Flickr)

  • Fantasy sports

  • Netflix

  • Newspaper and news sites

  • Pandora

  • Online gaming sites (including Xbox and Steam)

  • Casino rewards programs

  • Spotify

  • Magazine subscriptions

  • YouTube (this password will be the same as your Google password)

  • Movie rentals (including Blockbuster and Redbox)

  • Restaurant reservation services (including OpenTable)

  • Recipe sites

  • Phone apps

Search and information sites passwords

Search engine sites have grown from places where you look for things online to expansive sites that offer e-mail, networking, and other services. Note that a single password can access several different services.

  • AOL (includes e-mail and other services)


  • Google (includes Gmail, YouTube, Google+, Google Drive, and a whole host of other services)

  • Microsoft (includes Bing,, SkyDrive, and other options including Xbox content)

  • Yahoo! (includes e-mail and additional information services)

  • IMDb (Internet Movie Database)

  • Weather sites