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10 Google Chrome Add-ons for Your Business

By James T. Cains

If you go to the Chrome Web Store, you can find thousands of plug-ins that you can install to extend the functionality of Chrome. Here are 10 plug-ins that you may find useful in your everyday work life.

Adobe Acrobat — Create PDF

If you regularly like to save web pages and make PDFs out of them for later reading, the Adobe Acrobat plug-in can make it easy to do so. The plug-in creates a PDF of the web page, preserving the look and links of the page. You have to have the full version of Adobe Acrobat installed for this to work, though; it won’t work with just the free Acrobat Reader application installed.

WebEx for Google Extension

WebEx is an online web application that allows you to host meetings and presentations with others who are in different locations. The WebEx extension ties WebEx to your Google Calendar, enabling you to schedule WebEx sessions right from the calendar. You can also join other WebEx sessions from your calendar. If you’re employer uses WebEx as a conferencing solution and Google Calendar as its calendaring solution, you may already have installed.


If you do a lot of social media for your company, having some browser extensions to help with posting to Twitter, Facebook, and so on, can save you a lot of time. Instead of using separate plug-ins, though, you can use an aggregator like Buffer, with which you can create and schedule posts to multiple social media channels. You can create a whole bunch of posts at one time and schedule them to post throughout the day. You have to sign up for the Buffer web application to use the plug-in. Basic use of Buffer is free, but you may want to have a paid plan if you do a lot of social media posting.

Redirect Path

If you work “on the Internet” — meaning that you actually work on creating or managing web sites, or perhaps you do search engine optimization for web sites — the Redirect Path plug-in may easily become a fast favorite. For example, in SEO, if you’ve set up a redirect to send visitors from an old web site to a new one, the type of redirect you use can have an impact on search rankings in Google’s search engine. Redirect Path tells you the type of redirect you’re using to make sure you’re using the correct one.


Tired of seeing web advertisements? If you spend a lot of time online at work, you may not even notice them anymore. But they can slow down your web browsing experience, because it can take longer for web pages to load if they have ads on them. And some really annoying ads with video automatically start playing when you load them, not even giving you a choice! With AdBlock, you can block most display advertising from showing up on web pages, giving you a virtually ad-free browsing experience.


The FireShot plug-in enables you to take a screenshot of your browser window with just one click (or at most a few clicks). You can then save the screenshot in the image format of your choice, save it as a PDF, or copy it to your clipboard so you can paste it into Adobe Photoshop or another image-editing application for further manipulation.

Chrome Remote Desktop

You no longer need a dedicated remote desktop client to view other computers. With Chrome Remote Desktop, you can view and control other computers through the Chrome browser. This add-on is cross-platform, so it works with Windows, Mac OS, and Linux. So, if you’re at work and you need to access your home PC for some reason, you can do so using Chrome Remote Desktop.


If you were the kind of kid who stuffed everything in your pockets, you’ll love this add-on. The Pocket extension enables you to “put away” stuff you find online for later. You can save web pages, videos, and so on for later reading and viewing. Pocket keeps your browser bookmarks from getting cluttered with once-and-gone things that you’ll never view again. You can even put things in other people’s Pockets (no, that’s not creepy at all). It’s probably only a matter of time before you can “pick Pocket” from others!

Evernote Web Clipper

Like Pocket, Evernote Web Clipper saves things for later offline reading. However, if you’re a regular Evernote user, you probably want to use Web Clipper instead, since it connects to your Evernote account. What’s really cool about Web Clipper is that it not only saves entire web pages, but it also saves whatever you might highlight on a web page. So if you come across a good quote you want to reference later in a report, you can clip it to Evernote and even annotate it with notes.

PageRank Status

Web site owners and managers understand that page rank is one of the key indicators of success. With PageRank Status, you can quickly see how your site stacks up against the competition. While it’s no substitute for a dedicated web analytics suite, it can provide you with quick insight into how your site is doing.