Noteworthy Native Americans that Lewis and Clark Encountered - dummies

Noteworthy Native Americans that Lewis and Clark Encountered

By Sammye J. Meadows, Jana Prewitt

Part of Lewis and Clark For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Many Native American tribes gave the Lewis and Clark expedition shelter, food, transportation, guides, maps, directions, and advice. Several individual Native Americans also stand out in their efforts to help the explorers:

  • The wise and proud Teton Sioux leader, Black Buffalo, who saved the mission by diffusing tensions between his people and the expedition at the mouth of the Bad River.

  • Compassionate Cameahwait, leader of a starving band of Shoshones, who delayed a buffalo hunt (although his people needed the meat for survival) in order to help the first white men they had ever seen.

  • Cheerful, sincere Twisted Hair, who, with two of his sons, helped Clark find good timber for making canoes.

  • Generous Sheheke of the Mandan tribe, who took the Americans in for the winter, saying “If we eat, you shall eat; if we starve, you must starve also.”

  • Watkuweis, an elderly Nez Perce woman, who saved the expedition from slaughter by telling her tribe to “do them no hurt.”

  • Old Toby, a Shoshone, who guided them west across the Bitterroot Mountains (a sub-range of the Rocky Mountains).

  • Unknown and unsung Shoshone women who helped transport the expedition’s bags.