The TI-Nspire Documents Menu - dummies

By Jeff McCalla, Steve Ouellette

The Documents menu on the TI-Nspire, accessed by pressing [DOC], is the one menu that is available no matter where you are in TI-Nspire. Furthermore, the Documents menu options never change. For example, you can access the Documents menu from a Graphs page or from within the My Documents view, and you see the same menu choices.

Keep in mind, though, that certain menu items may not be available for use, as indicated by the light-gray font.

The first screen shows the top-level Documents options. The second and third screens show the secondary Documents options for File and Edit, respectively.


Shortcut keystrokes are embedded in the menus of the TI-Nspire. Notice that the shortcut for the Save command, (Ctrl+S), is written directly to the right of the command on the menu. See the second screen.

Notice that the Edit menu offers several editing options similar to those found on a computer. Additionally, several of these options can be accessed by using keyboard shortcuts, the same ones that are used on a PC.

Here is a complete list of the Documents menu options that have corresponding keyboard shortcuts:

  • [DOC]→File→New Document (Shortcut: [CTRL][N])

  • [DOC]→File→Open (Shortcut: [CTRL][O])

  • [DOC]→File→Close (Shortcut: [CTRL][W])

  • [DOC]→File→Save (Shortcut: [CTRL][S])

  • [DOC]→Edit→Undo (Shortcut: [CTRL][Z] or [CTRL][ESC])

  • [DOC]→Edit→Redo (Shortcut: [CTRL][Y])

  • [DOC]→Edit→Cut (Shortcut: [CTRL][X])

  • [DOC]→Edit→Copy (Shortcut: [CTRL][C])

  • [DOC]→Edit→Paste (Shortcut: [CTRL][V])