Store and Recall Your Favorite Graphing Window on the TI-84 Plus

By Jeff McCalla, C. C. Edwards

You can make a preset graphing window of your own on your TI-84 Plus calculator. Maybe you (or your teacher) have a favorite setting for a graphing window? For example, a [ZOOM][6] followed by a [ZOOM][5] gets the window that appears in the first screen. This window doesn’t distort circles and it’s large enough to see most functions.

Follow these steps to store and recall any graphing window that you happen to like:

  1. To access the Zoom MEMORY menu, press


    See the second screen.


  2. Press [2] to store your graphing window.

    Most of the variables in the Window editor are saved; the exceptions are the


    and TraceStep values (which are not stored). Even if you turn your calculator off, your graphing window will remain stored in Zoom MEMORY.

  3. To recall your graphing window, press the following keys:


    See the third screen.