How to View the Table of a Sequence Graph on Your TI-84 Plus

By Jeff McCalla, C. C. Edwards

Sometimes, it is helpful to take a numeric view of the sequence you want to graph. Press [2nd][GRAPH] to view the table as shown in the first screen.


Negative values of n will display an error in the table. Press [2nd][WINDOW] and change the TblStart to 1 to avoid displaying errors.

Another option is to show a split screen with a graph and a table. Press [MODE], use the arrow keys to highlight GRAPH-TABLE, and press [ENTER]. Press [GRAPH] to see the split screen as shown in the second screen of the figure.

If you press any key used in graphing functions, such as [GRAPH] or [TRACE], the cursor becomes active on the graph side of the screen. To return the cursor to the table, press [2nd][GRAPH]. See the third screen in the figure.