How to Use Relative Cell References in Lists & Spreadsheet - dummies

How to Use Relative Cell References in Lists & Spreadsheet

By Jeff McCalla, Steve Ouellette

You can use relative cell references in the Lists & Spreadsheet application on the IT-Nspire. Here’s how to take the heights of a random group of students and perform a conversion:

  1. Type the heights (in feet and inches) in rows 2 through 5.

  2. Go to cell C1 and press [CTRL][CLICK].

    This action selects the cell and allows copying, as indicated by the dashed box. See the first screen.

  3. Use the


    key to extend the dashed box to cell C5 and press [ENTER].

    See the second and third screens.


Notice that cell C5 is highlighted in the third screen and that the formula is located in the entry line at the bottom of the screen. Recall that the original formula typed was =a1*12+b1. The formula has changed to =a5*12+b5. This is because you have used relative cell references.

When you copy a relative cell reference, the cell references automatically update. If you copied this formula to cell F7, it would reference the cells directly to the left of this cell and display the formula =d7*12+f7 on the entry line.