How to Charge the TI-84 Plus C's Battery - dummies

By Jeff McCalla, C. C. Edwards

The TI-84 Plus C uses a Li–ion battery, similar to the one in your cellphone, which holds a charge for up to two weeks. Texas Instruments (TI) recommends charging your battery for at least four hours for peak performance. On the right side of your calculator, an LED light lights up during the recharging process. An amber color indicates your calculator is charging, and a green color indicates your calculator is fully charged.

There are three ways to recharge your calculator battery:

The TI-84 Plus does not have a rechargeable battery. You must open the back panel and insert four new AAA batteries.

  • TI Wall Adapter: Simply plug in the adapter that came bundled with your calculator.

  • USB computer cable: Use the USB computer cable that came with your calculator and a computer to charge your calculator. Plug the USB hub into the computer and plug the mini-USB hub into your calculator.

    Your computer may not recognize the USB computer cable you are using to charge your calculator. If this happens, download the TI-Connect software.

  • TI-84 C Charging Station: If your classroom has one of these, simply place your calculator in one of the slots of the charging station.

In the top-right part of the screen, a battery status icon indicates the battery level. There are four different battery levels plus a charging icon.


If your battery loses its charge, the RAM memory on your calculator may be cleared. If you have programs or data that you don’t want to lose, back up your calculator. Your calculator gives you a warning message.