Call up Variables, Take Screen Shots, and Change the Layout

By Jeff McCalla, Steve Ouellette

In the Workspace Toolbar of the TI-Nspire Computer Software, press the circular Variable icon to quickly access any of the variables or functions that have been stored in the problem you are working in.

Press the Camera icon to take screen shots. Screen captures are also available from the Tools drop-down menu. You have two options:

  • Standard screen capture: This takes a screen shot of the application area screen on your computer. A small notification appears in the lower-right portion of the screen that says Screen Capture Taken. View It. Click View It to open the Page Capture window (also available on the Window drop-down menu). There, you can edit and save your screen capture. (You can save your screen capture to many different file types.)

  • Capture selected handheld: If your handheld is connected to your computer, the Screen Capture tool takes a screen shot of the screen on your handheld.


Click the screen that is divided into four parts to change the page layout. Use this tool to split the screen into up to four different parts.