Notable Architects through History - dummies

Notable Architects through History

By Deborah K. Dietsch, Robert A. M. Stern

Part of Architecture For Dummies Cheat Sheet

To understand architecture’s evolution, it’s important to become acquainted with some of the stars who pushed design in new directions. The men in the following list definitely left a mark, and many of their marks are still standing today!

Imhotep: The first architect known by name, this ancient
Egyptian created the world’s first stone monument, a tomb for
King Zoser.
Christopher Wren: This English classical architect is
more famous for rebuilding St. Paul’s Cathedral than for the
51 new churches he designed in London.
Ictinus and Callicrates: This team of Greek architects
spent more than a decade perfecting the Parthenon, the most
influential building of all time.
Karl Friedrich Schinkel: Versatile in classical and
Romantic styles, this German master designed one of the
world’s first museums.
Hadrian: A Roman emperor and architecture buff, Hadrian
propelled design and engineering to new heights with the
Louis Sullivan: A skyscraper pioneer, Chicago architect
Louis Sullivan decorated his modern structures in leafy
Abbot Suger: This French monk was influential in
developing the soaring architecture of Gothic cathedrals.
Frank Lloyd Wright: The most famous American architect
of the twentieth century rooted his organic architecture in the
Filippo Brunelleschi: One of the first architects of the
Italian Renaissance, Brunelleschi designed the dome of Florence
Le Corbusier: Born Charles Edouard Jeanneret, this
Swiss-French genius used glass, steel, and concrete to invent a
modern language for buildings and cities.