How to Rip Out Stitches, One At a Time - dummies

How to Rip Out Stitches, One At a Time

If you catch your knitting mistake before the end of the row, you can rip out stitches back to your mistake. Just rip out one stitch at a time. Basically, you undo what you’ve just done until you get to the problem spot.

  1. Insert the LH needle from front to back (away from you) into the stitch below the one on the RH needle.


    Make sure you have the correct side (either knit or purl) facing you.

  2. Slide the RH needle out of the stitch and gently pull on the yarn to free it.

    Your work won’t unravel, because your LH needle has secured the stitch below.

  3. Repeat these steps, stitch by stitch.

    Continue until you reach the point of your mistake.

All sorts of mistakes, such as inadvertently adding stitches, require that you rip out your knitting.