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If you love to crochet, this Cheat Sheet is a handy reference to keep nearby. It includes standardized yarn weights, international crochet symbols, and a metrics conversion table.

Standardized yarn weights

Standardized yarn weights are wonderful because one weight (or size) yarn can be called by several different names. This chart outlines the guidelines as set by the yarn industry.

A table showing standardized yard weights
Standardized yarn weights


International crochet symbols

Check out the following reference guide to the international crochet symbols and the abbreviations (in parentheses) for common crochet stitches. Note: The info in brackets describes the version of the stitch that the symbol represents.

A chart showing the international crochet symbols
International crochet symbols

Converting to and from metrics

Here are a few quick conversions that you may need from time to time. These are approximations, but they’re much easier to do in your head and close enough for your crocheting needs!

Yards and meters

  • A yard is 36 inches
  • A meter is 39 inches
  • Multiply yards by 90 percent (0.9) to get meters (100 yds = 90 m)
  • Multiply meters by 110 percent (1.1) to get yards (100 m = 110 yds)

Inches and centimeters

  • 2.5 is the magic number here
  • Multiply inches by 2.5 to get centimeters: 4 in. x 2.5 = 10 cm
  • Divide centimeters by 2.5 to get inches: 10 cm ÷ 2.5 = 4 in.

Ounces and grams

50 g = 1.75 oz.; 100 g = 3.5 oz

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