How to Graft Stitches Head to Side - dummies

How to Graft Stitches Head to Side

Grafting head to side makes a smooth, weightless seam. You graft the heads of stitches on one piece to the sides of stitches on the other piece. Grafting head to side is great for joining a sleeve top to a sweater body on a dropped shoulder sweater, which has no shaped armhole or sleeve cap.

1With a tapestry needle and yarn, come up through the first head stitch on the right or left end of your work.

You can work from right to left, or left to right.

2Go around the running thread between the first 2 side stitches.

This step really starts your graft.

3Go back down into the same head stitch you came out of and up through the next head stitch.

Go up through the stitch to the right if you’re traveling in that direction or to the left if you’re going that way.

4Repeat the threading process.

The best version of this seam is made by grafting live stitches to the armhole edge, but you can use it with a bound-off edge, as well. Just go into the stitches (heads) directly below the bound-off edge.