How to Recover from a Flubbed Magic Trick - dummies

How to Recover from a Flubbed Magic Trick

By David Pogue

Part of Magic For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Ideally, you would never make a mistake when performing a magic trick. Unfortunately, life isn’t like that and circumstance and bad luck can rear their ugly heads. When a trick goes wrong, graceful performers shrug it off with humor and recover if they can. Try these lines when you mess up a magic trick:

  • “I forgot to compensate for the rotational effect of the Earth.”

  • “Hmm. It worked in the magic store!”

  • “It’s all part of the show, folks — the part that hasn’t been rehearsed.”

  • “That’s the first time that ever happened again.”

  • “It doesn’t look as bad from my side.”

  • “The real magician will be here shortly.”

  • “I’m curious to see how I get out of this myself!”

  • “Wow, it’s so quiet in here, you could hear a career drop.”