How to Turn Crochet Work - dummies

How to Turn Crochet Work

By Susan Brittain, Karen Manthey

To turn crochet work around so that you can start a new row of stitches, keep the last loop on your crochet hook and simply take the completed work, which should be positioned under your hook hand, and turn it toward you until the work is positioned under your yarn hand.


By using this technique, you hold the work between the middle finger and thumb of your yarn hand, your yarn is positioned behind your work, and the hook is in place to work the beginning stitches of the next row.

Keep in mind that each time you turn your work to crochet back across the previous row, a different side of the piece will be facing you. If the first row is designated as the right/front side of the piece, then when you turn to work the second row, the wrong/back side is facing you. The third row again has the right/front side facing you, and so on.