How to Crochet Buttonholes into Plackets - dummies

How to Crochet Buttonholes into Plackets

By Susan Brittain, Karen Manthey

Crocheting buttonholes into front plackets is easy. To crochet a buttonhole into a placket, you just skip enough stitches in the designated row of the placket to accommodate the size of the button.

The buttonhole will be horizontal and is usually created in a row close to the center of the placket, with a row or two following to add strength.

1Place stitch markers across the front edge of the placket.

Place one stitch marker at the beginning and one at the end of each desired buttonhole position.

Crocheting a buttonhole into a placket.

2Crochet across the row to the first marker, chain (ch) 2, skip the next 2 stitches, and then continue crocheting across to the next marker.

You may need to chain and skip a different number of stitches, depending on your button size. Just make sure you chain and skip the same number of stitches. Have your buttons on hand before crocheting this part — better to fit the hole to the button than have to find a button to fit the hole.

3Repeat the preceding step for each marker until you reach the end of the row, turn.

Between the markers, simply crochet as normal.

A complete buttonhole in a crochet pattern.

4Crochet evenly across the previous row, working an equal number of stitches into the chain space as it has chain stitches.

You’ve completed the buttonhole.