What is the PlayStation VR? - dummies

What is the PlayStation VR?

The PlayStation VR is Sony’s version of the latest trend in gaming: Virtual reality. Rumored to be released in the autumn of 2016, this visor connects to the PS4 console to provide users with a truly immersive gaming experience.

The headset is adjustable. It has a dual-band design intended to be comfortable for extended use and is modifiable for multiple head sizes. Want to wear your glasses while you play? No problem! The developers made the visor so that it easily fits over your eyewear.

If you want to make use of the PlayStation VR, you will need to equip yourself with the PS4 console and PlayStation Camera.

Want a virtual tour? Check here for a quick preview of the PlayStation VR.

The sleek design is comfortable and adjusts to fit any gamer. [Credit: Image courtesy of PlayStatio

Credit: Image courtesy of PlayStation.com
The sleek design is comfortable and adjusts to fit any gamer.

The PlayStation VR is designed to make a social experience of gaming. The developers clearly did not want to isolate players by making the VR a solo device. With gaming output to both the TV and headset, the VR headset lets others view the action as it unfolds or provides a second view for competitive gaming. The PlayStation VR sports the following hardware components:

  • 5.7” OLED display and 1080p resolution: A truly stunning display makes for a great visual experience.

  • 120 Hz refresh rate: The quick refresh rate offers the user a nearly real-time gaming adventure.

  • Positional tracking with 9 LEDs: Advanced tracking allows your movements to be reflected within the game almost instantaneously.

  • 360 degree audio: The user will feel as though they are in the game with quality surround sound.

  • 1000 Hz accelerometer and gyroscope: This provides a truly fast gaming experience with almost no latency. Users are also able to move freely as they make their way through the game.

With a 100 degree field of view, the VR offers a true 3D gaming experience. Gamers are surrounded by audio, immersed in the latest optics, and tracked as they move. Welcome to the future!

No need to worry about your gaming choices with the VR. There are currently 91 confirmed games that will keep you busy. Check here for the lowdown on what you can expect with PlayStation VR games.