How to Upload Pictures to the Cloud from Your Android Tablet - dummies

How to Upload Pictures to the Cloud from Your Android Tablet

One way to share images on the Internet using your Android tablet is to use cloud storage. That’s just a fancy term for online storage, such as that offered by Google Drive or the popular Dropbox service.

To instantly upload an image to your Google Drive, view the image in the Gallery and touch the Google Drive icon atop the screen, shown in the margin. Optionally, type a new name for the file and choose a folder or create a new folder. Touch the OK button to send a copy of the image to your Google Drive.

Another popular cloud storage service is Dropbox. In fact, quite a few Android tablets come supplied with the Dropbox app, which allows for the quick coordination of files across several devices and the Internet.

To send images to your Dropbox storage, touch the Share icon when viewing the image. Choose the Add to Dropbox command.

Dropbox also features an automatic photo upload service. Once active, all pictures and videos you take with your tablet are instantly shared and saved in your Dropbox account. Follow these steps to enable this service:

  1. Open the Dropbox app.

    If your tablet doesn’t come with the Dropbox app, you can obtain a free copy at the Google Play Store. You also need a Dropbox account, which is free; run the Dropbox app to sign up.

  2. Touch the Action Overflow or Menu icon and choose the Settings command.

  3. Touch the text Turn On Camera Upload.

    The text is found beneath the Camera Upload heading. If it instead reads Turn Off Camera Upload, you’re all set — unless you have a cellular tablet, in which case it’s a good idea to:

  4. Choose the Upload Using item.

  5. Select Wi-Fi Only.

    By setting this item, you ensure that the tablet uploads images only when connected to a Wi-Fi network. That means you won’t use precious megabytes from your monthly mobile data allocation.

With the Camera Upload setting activated, any image you snap is instantly copied to your Dropbox account. It’s saved in the Camera Uploads folder. If you use Dropbox on a computer, you can immediately access those pictures and videos. That’s handy.

  • Having cloud storage on Google Drive is yet another perk that comes with your Google account.

  • You can access your Google Drive files from any computer.

  • Google Drive software can be obtained for Windows or the Macintosh so that you can also access your Google Drive files on your computer.