How to Use the Setup Wizard on the Gear S2 Smartwatch

By Eric Butow

After you install the Gear Manager app on your smartphone, you can turn your attention back to the Gear S2. The setup wizard appears automatically on the Gear S2 screen to show you how to use your smartwatch.

Tap the screen and then follow each step in the wizard to learn how to swipe on the screen and move the bezel. If you have to put the Gear S2 down as you’re going through the wizard, the screen turns off to save power. No worries: Just press the Power button to turn the screen back on.

After the wizard finishes setting up your Gear S2, you see the default Modern Utility watch face on the screen, shown here, telling you what time it is. If you don’t like the watch face, don’t worry. You can choose from plenty of other faces.

The watch tells you the time, just like . . . a watch.