Samsung Galaxy S 4's Google Latitude - dummies

Samsung Galaxy S 4’s Google Latitude

By Bill Hughes

The Samsung Galaxy S 4’s Maps application can let you know where you are, but there are also situations where either you want your location to be shared with others or others insist on knowing where you are.

For example, you might want to let friends know your location when you’re planning to meet at an amusement park. Likewise, parents might insist on knowing the location of their children as a condition for having a cellular phone.

Your Samsung Galaxy S 4 supports these capabilities with the Google Latitude application. This app might or might not be on your phone. It is readily available from the Play Store for free, though.

Before you can see the location of anyone besides yourself, you have to invite that person. The process is as follows:

1Open the Google Maps app.

This brings up a map.

2Tap the Layers icon to launch the Latitude service.

The Layer pop-up opens as shown in this figure.

3Tap Latitude.

Before Latitude lets you get too far, it brings up the screen shown to request your permission to share your location.

This app makes sure that you know what you are getting yourself into. If you’re worried about a stalker, think twice about enabling this feature. Of all the applications out there, this is one that hands over your information (and your current location) on a silver platter.

As a result, the app goes out of its way to make sure that you know what you are doing and only share your location information the way you intend.

4Tap You Have Not Enabled Location Reporting on this device.

Tapping this button brings up the screen shown. Tap all the boxes if you want to enable this app.

After you have changed your permissions, return to the map. You should see the Latitude Home screen with your name. The reminders are gone. At the bottom, you’ll see the icons shown in this figure.

5Tap the Add Friends icon shown in the figure.

Tapping this icon brings up all your contacts.

6Tap the Select from Contacts hyperlink to invite friends or family from your Contacts list.

At this point, you have the ability to know the location of all your friends (or at least the location of their phones) in addition to having the ability to have turn-by-turn direction on how to meet up with them.