Preparing to Work with Bixby on Your Samsung Galaxy S8 - dummies

Preparing to Work with Bixby on Your Samsung Galaxy S8

By Bill Hughes

Texting is a straightforward example, but it is just one of the tasks your Samsung Galaxy S8’s Bixby can do for you. You can ask Bixby to do all kinds of things on your phone. Some examples include

  • Telling you the time
  • Setting an alarm
  • Turning Wi-Fi on or off
  • Telling you the weather forecast
  • Setting a countdown timer
  • Recording your voice
  • Opening an app
  • Playing a playlist
  • Adding an appointment to your schedule
  • Finding a local restaurant, store, or public location
  • Navigating to an address or location

All you need to do is ask, and Bixby does a good job finding what you want. For example, you can ask for a nearby McDonald’s, and Bixby comes back with some options, as shown.

Bixby options on a location.

Then you can ask it for directions to the McDonald’s you choose. This request causes Bixby to hand you over to your preferred navigation application, bringing up a screen like the one shown here.

Navigating to the location you requested.

Now all you need to do is drive there safely and enjoy!