How to Manually Add Contacts on the Samsung Galaxy S 5 - dummies

How to Manually Add Contacts on the Samsung Galaxy S 5

By Bill Hughes

Your Samsung Galaxy S 5 phone is out there trying to make itself the ultimate contact database with as little effort on your part as possible. The interesting thing is that the salesperson in the cellular store probably didn’t explain this to you in detail. It’s a subtle-but-important capability that’s hard to communicate on the sales floor. Here’s what happens.

Whenever you make or receive a call, send or receive an e-mail, or send or receive a text, your phone looks up telephone number or e-mail address from which the message originated to check whether it has seen that address before.

If it has, it has all the other information on that person ready. If it doesn’t recognize the originating telephone number or e-mail, it asks whether you want to make it a contact. What could be easier?

Adding contacts manually involves taking an existing contact database and adding its entries to your phone, one profile at a time. (This option, a last resort, was the only option for phones back in the day.)

  1. Tap the Contacts icon.

    Doing so brings up the Contact List screen.


  2. Tap the + (plus) sign.

    A screen with text boxes appears. This is the profile for the contact.

  3. Fill in the information that you want to include.

    This screen has defaults. For example, it assumes that you want to add the mobile phone number first. If you want to add the work or home number first, tap Mobile to change the field description.

  4. If you want to add a second telephone number, tap the little green plus sign, and another text box will show up.

  5. When you’re done entering data, tap Save at the top of the screen.

    The profile is now on your phone. Repeat the process for as many profiles as you want to create.