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Gear S2 Apps for Sending and Receiving Messages

By Eric Butow

You can already send and receive messages on your Samsung Gear S2 using preinstalled apps such as Email and Messaging. But apps for keeping you up-to-date with your social media feeds are still slow in coming as of this writing. If you use Twitter, you’re in luck, albeit in a limited way: You can check the latest Twitter trends and read tweets in those trend categories by using the Trends for Gear app.

What’s more, if you have the 3G version of the Gear S2 (that’s the Standard or black Classic models), you can use the Voxer app as your own personal walkie-talkie. That is, you can speak into your Gear S2 and send your voice message to another Gear S2-with-3G user. That person can then use Voxer to talk back to you. It’s like having your own little spy network accessible from your wrist.

Trends for Gear

If you’re even a casual Twitter user, you’ve probably noticed the Trends section on the Twitter website that shows what topics are generating the most tweets from fellow Twitter users (or is that Twitterers?) in your area. The Trends for Gear app for your Gear S2 shows the top five trends in the area that’s already set in your Twitter account. You can tap the trend name and then view a list of tweets in that category.

After you install Trends for Gear, the app asks you to use your location to show your local content. Tap the blue Confirm icon at the bottom of the screen to continue. Now you see the Trends screen, and you can rotate the bezel to the right to view the five most popular trends. The selected trend appears in white text within a blue box in the center of the screen shown, as shown here.

Your selected trend in the list.

Tap the trend name and then rotate your bezel to the right to view the top five tweets within the trend (see the following figure). If you want to read the story on the website associated with the tweet on your smartphone, tap the tweet text. Your smartphone asks you what browser app you want to open to view the website (or open the browser app if you’ve selected one to use all the time) so that you can read the article on your smartphone screen.

A tweet may also include a photo too small to figure out what it is.


Voxer has realized the dreams of every Dick Tracy fan (or at least compelled you to find out who he is) by bringing the two-way wrist radio to life — that is, if you purchased a 3G version of your Gear S2 so that you can use your phone carrier’s data network to send and receive Voxer audio messages with one or more people in your contact list (who have a Gear S2 with 3G and Voxer, of course). You can even send and view photos as well as preview text messages.

After you install Voxer on your Gear S2, you need to install Voxer with either your Android smartphone or your iPhone. After you start Voxer on your phone, you need to create a new account by typing your account password into your phone. Then you need to watch for notice of an email message sent by Voxer that asks you to verify your email address.

After your Voxer account is set up, open the Voxer app on the Gear S2. A list of your contacts who also use Voxer appears in the contact list. Rotate the bezel until your selected contact appears in the center of the screen. (The selected contact also has larger, white text, so you can’t miss it.) Tap the contact name and then tap and hold the orange walkie-talkie icon to begin communicating (see the following figure). When the icon turns green, you can start talking. As you talk, a timer on the screen shows you how long you’ve been talking.

The walkie-talkie icon takes up the bottom half of the screen.

When you’re finished talking, release your finger from the screen. Voxer immediately sends the message to the other person. If that other person uses Voxer on his or her smartphone, Gear S2, or both, the person will receive your voice message.

However, because Voxer connects to other devices using the device’s phone number, you won’t receive messages sent by another Voxer user to your Gear S2 unless you have a 3G model bestowed upon you by your favorite (or tolerated) phone carrier.