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For Seniors: How to Use Multi-Page Browsing on Your iPhone 4S

Multi-page browsing is a feature of your iPhone 4S that allows you to have several websites open at once so you can move easily among those sites. You also can view your browsing history.

  1. With Safari open and a web page already displayed, tap the Page Navigation button.

  2. To add a new page (meaning you’re opening a new website), tap the New Page button in the lower-left corner of the screen. A new, blank page appears.


  3. Tap in the address field, use the onscreen keyboard to enter the web address for the website you want to open, and then tap the Go key.

    The website opens on the page.

    Repeat Steps 1–3 to open as many new web pages as you like.

  4. You can now switch among open sites by tapping the Page Navigation button and scrolling among recent sites, finding the one you want and tapping on it.

    Using multi-page browsing you can make not only a site available but also a search results screen. If you recently searched for something, those search results will be on your Recent Searches list.

As you move around the web on you iPhone 4S, Safari keeps a record of your browsing history. This record can be handy when you want to visit a site that you viewed previously but have forgotten its address.


  1. With Safari open, tap the Bookmark button.

  2. On the menu, tap History.


  3. In the History list that appears, tap a date if available, and then tap a site to navigate to it.


    To clear the history, tap the Clear button and on the dialog that appears tap Clear History. This button is useful when you don’t want your spouse or grandchildren to see where you’ve been browsing for birthday or holiday presents!