How to Use iTunes Radio on Your iPhone 6 - dummies

How to Use iTunes Radio on Your iPhone 6

Among the many options for listening to music on your iPhone 6, you can also listen to the radio. You can also add stations of your favorite music and view your listening history, in case you have trouble remembering the name of that great song you found.

Play music with iTunes Radio

You can access iTunes Radio with any Apple device that has iOS 7 or later.

  1. Begin by tapping the Music icon on the Home screen.

  2. On the screen that appears, tap the Radio button at the bottom of the screen.

  3. Tap a Featured Station; a featured song begins to play.


  4. Use the tools at the bottom of the screen to control playback.

  5. Tap the star-shaped Favorites button at the bottom of the screen to display the options.

    Here you can choose to Play More Like This, Never Play This Song, or Add to iTunes Wish List. By using these settings, you help iTunes understand your musical suggestions and can even build custom radio stations.


Add stations to iTunes Radio

You aren’t just limited to playing featured stations. You can add a station to My Stations in a couple of ways. You can play a featured station, pause it, and then tap the Information icon (the circled i in the top-middle of the screen), and choose New Station from Artist or New Station from Song. You can also create a New Station of your own.

  1. Tap the Music icon in the Dock.

  2. Tap Radio.

  3. From the iTunes Radio Home page, tap the New Station button.


  4. Tap a category of music such as Jazz or Latin Hits.

    If subcategories are then offered, tap the one you prefer and then tap the Add New button that appears to the right of the category. The category is added to your stations.


View your iTunes Radio history

iTunes Radio offers a great way to see where you’ve been and where you’re going, musically speaking, with its History and Wish List features.

  1. Tap the Music icon in the Dock.

  2. In the screen that appears, tap History in the top-left corner.


  3. Tap the Played tab to see the music you’ve listened to.

  4. Tap the Wish List tab to see items that you’ve added to your Wish List.


When a song is playing, tap the Information button and then tap Share Station to share a song via AirDrop, Message, Mail, Twitter, or Facebook.