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A List of Things You Can Ask Siri

By Edward C. Baig, Bob LeVitus

Siri can make your life easier in so many ways. Here’s a list of things you can say to Siri — and expect to receive a correct answer — most of the time.

Regarding contacts

“What’s Michael’s address?”

“What is Susan Pink’s phone number?”

“When is my wife’s birthday?”

“Show Jennifer’s home email address”

“Show Jason Jones”

“Find people named LeVitus”

“Who is Michael Manning?”

Regarding relationships

“My mom is Susan Pink”

“Jodie Francisco is my sister”

“Call my brother at work”

Regarding calendars

“Set up a meeting at 9”

“Set up a meeting with Michael at 9”

“Meet with Lisa at noon”

“Set up a meeting about hiring tomorrow at 9am”

“New appointment with Susan Park Friday at 3”

“Schedule a planning meeting at 8:30 today in the boardroom”

Change events

“Move my 3pm meeting to 4:30”

“Reschedule my appointment with Dr. Manning to next Monday at 9am”

“Add Lisa to my meeting with Jason”

“Cancel the budget review meeting”

About your events

“What does the rest of my day look like?”

“What’s on my calendar for Friday?”

“When is my next appointment?”

“When am I meeting with Michael?”

“Where is my next meeting?”

Responding to email messages

“Reply Dear Susan sorry about the late payment”

“Call him at work”

Sending email messages

“Email Lisa about the trip”

“Email Jennifer about the change in plans”

“New email to Susan Park”

“Mail Dad about the rent check”

“Email Dr. Manning and say I got the forms, thanks”

“Mail Lisa and Jason about the party and say I had a great time”

Checking email messages

“Check email”

“Any new email from Michael today?”

“Show new mail about the lease”

“Show the email from Lisa yesterday”

“Do I have any new messages?”

“Read my notifications”

Locating friends and family

“Where’s Jason?”

“Where is my sister?”

“Is my wife at home?”

“Where are all my friends?”

“Who is here?”

“Who is near me?”

Regarding maps and directions

“How do I get home?”

“Show 1 Infinite Loop Cupertino California”

“Directions to my dad’s work”

“Show my current location”

“Show me the Statue of Liberty”

“Show me directions from Washington DC to Philadelphia Pennsylvania”

Regarding local businesses

“Find coffee near me”

“Where is Starbucks?”

“Find some burger joints in Baltimore”

“Find a gas station within walking distance”

“Good Mexican restaurants around here”

Sending and replying to text messages (SMS)

“Tell Susan I’ll be right there”

“Send a message to Jason Russell”

“Send a message to Lisa saying how about tomorrow”

“Tell Jennifer the show was great”

“Send a message to Susan on her mobile saying I’ll be late”

“Send a message to 408 555 1212”

“Text Jason and Lisa where are you?”

Reading text messages (SMS)

“Read my new messages”

“Read it again”

“Reply that’s great news”

“Tell him I’ll be there in 10 minutes”

“Call her”

Playing music and videos

“Play the Light of the Sun”

“Play Trouble”

“Play Taking Back Sunday shuffled”

“Play Alicia Keys”

“Play some blues”

“Play my party mix”

“Shuffle my road trip playlist”




Creating and finding notes

“Note that I spent $12 on lunch”

“Note: check out that new Alicia Keys album”

“Find my restaurant note”

“Create a reading list note”

“Add Tom Sawyer to my reading list note”

Making a phone call

“Call Jason”

“Call Jennifer Wright mobile”

“Call Susan on her work phone”

“Call 408 555 1212”

“Call home”

“FaceTime Lisa”

Setting a reminder

“Remind me to call mom”

“Remind me to call my mom when I get home”

“Remember to take an umbrella”

“Remind me take my medicine at 6am tomorrow”

“Remind me to pick up flowers when I leave here”

“Remind me when I leave to call Jason”

“Remind me to finish the report by 6”

Checking stocks

“What’s Apple’s stock price?”

“What is Apple’s PE ratio?”

“What did Yahoo close at today?”

“How is the Nikkei doing?”

“How are the markets doing?”

“What is the Dow at?”

Making a FaceTime call

“Make a FaceTime call to Michael”

“FaceTime Mom”

Searching the web

“Search the web for Bora Bora”

“Search for vegetarian pasta recipes”

“Search the web for best cable plans”

“Google the war of 1812 “

“Search Wikipedia for Abraham Lincoln”

“Search for news about the World Cup”

“Bing Alicia Keys”

Checking the weather

“What’s the weather for today?”

“What’s the weather for tomorrow?”

“Will it rain in Cupertino this week?”

“Check next week’s forecast for Burlington”

“What’s the forecast for this evening?”

“How’s the weather in Tampa right now?”

“How hot will it be in Palm Springs this weekend?”

“What’s the high for Anchorage on Thursday?”

“What’s the temperature outside?”

“How windy is it out there?”

“When is sunrise in Paris?”

Launching an app

“Play Angry Birds”

“Open Music”

Posting to Facebook

“Post on Facebook ‘On my way to the beach’”

“Write on my wall ‘Having a great time in Florida’”

Posting to Twitter

“Post to Twitter ‘Windows Tablet PC Blog is great!’”

“Tweet ‘Who are you voting for this election’ hashtag politics”

“Tweet my location ‘Having fun at the beach!’”

Regarding movies and theaters

“What movies are coming out this weekend?”

“What movies are playing near me?”

“Find movie theaters near my office”

“What are the best movies playing right now?”

“What R-rated movies are playing?”

“What action movies are playing”

“Show me reviews of the movie ‘Finding Nemo’”

“When was the movie ‘Saving Private Ryan’ released?”

“Who starred in the movie ‘Saving Private Ryan’?”

“What movie won best picture in 1998?”

Regarding restaurants

“Show me reviews for Cheesecake Factory in Arlington”

“Show me good seafood restaurants near me”

“Table for four in Washington DC Friday Night”

Regarding sports

“Show me football scores from Sunday”

“When do the Philadelphia Eagles play next?”

“Which NFL team has the most yards?”

“Show me the roster of the Denver Nuggets”

“Show me career statistics for Peyton Manning”

More things you can ask Siri

“How many calories in a bagel?”

“What is an 18% tip on $86.74 for four people?”

“Who’s buried in Grant’s tomb?”

“How long do dogs live?”

“What is the Gossamer Condor?”

“What’s the square root of 128?”

“How many dollars is €45?”

“What was the Best Picture of 1983?”

“How many days until Christmas?”

“How far away is the sun?”

“When is the next solar eclipse?”

“Show me the Orion constellation”

“What’s the population of Jamaica?”

“How high is Mt. Everest?”

“How deep is the Atlantic ocean?”

“What’s the price of gasoline in Chicago?”

Only in iOS 8 and 9

When your iPhone is plugged into a power source, you can utter the magic words “Hey Siri!” and summon Siri hands-free. Siri in iOS 8 and 9 is pretty good at playing Name That Tune. Just ask, “What song is this?” Siri will reply that she’s listening. Then (usually) after a few moments, she will not only tell you the name of the song but also provide a link to buy it if it’s available (in the iTunes Store, of course).