Your Phone Call History on the Droid Bionic - dummies

Your Phone Call History on the Droid Bionic

One of the rare, delightful things your Droid Bionic does for you is to remember all your phone calls. The phone remembers calls you’ve made, incoming calls, and even missed calls. Such a feature is far better than relying on teenagers, or indentured robots to keep track of your calls.

Dealing with a missed call


The notification icon for a missed call looming at the top of the screen means that someone called and you didn’t pick up. Fortunately, the Droid Bionic remembers all the details for you.

To deal with a missed call, follow these steps:

  1. Display the notifications.

  2. Touch the Missed Call notification.

    A list of missed calls is displayed. The list shows who called, with more information displayed when the phone number matches someone in your Contacts list. Also shown is how long ago they called.

  3. Touch the green Phone icon by an entry in the call log to return the call.

Also see the next section for more information on the call log.

Reviewing the call log

The Droid Bionic keeps a record of all calls you make, incoming calls, and missed calls. Everything is listed on the Recent tab, shown in the figure. To see the list, open the Dialer app on the Home screen and then touch the Recent tab, as shown in the figure.


The Recent tab shows a list of people who have phoned you or whom you have called, starting with the most recent call at the top of the list. An icon next to every entry describes whether the call was incoming, outgoing, or missed, as illustrated in the figure.

Touching an item in the call log displays contact information for the person who called, if that contact information exists. When contact information doesn’t exist, you see a pop-up menu of options for returning the call or sending a text message, for example.

To call someone back, touch the green Phone icon, shown in the figure.

You can filter the list of recent calls, directing the phone to show only missed calls, only received calls, or only outgoing calls. To do so, touch the View menu triangle. Choose which type of calls you want to see from the View menu, or choose All Calls to display all recent calls.

  • Using the call log is a quick way to add a recent caller as a contact. Simply touch an item in the list and choose Add to Contacts from the Call Details screen.

  • When you long-press an entry in the log, you see a pop-up menu. Choose the item Remove from List to banish the entry.


  • To clear the call log, press the Menu soft button. Choose the Clear List command to wipe clean the call log