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Your HTC One’s Shopping Mall

By Bill Hughes

The Play Store is set up and run by Google, mainly for people with Android phones. Adding an application to your HTC One is similar to adding software to your PC. A new application makes you more productive, adds to your convenience, or entertains you for hours on end — sometimes for free. Not a bad deal.

There are some important differences, however, between installing software on a PC and getting an application on a cellphone:

  • Smartphone applications need to be more stable than computer software because of their greater potential for harm.

    If you buy an application for your PC and find that it’s unstable (for example, it causes your PC to crash), sure, you’ll be upset. If you buy an unstable application for your phone, though, you could run up a huge phone bill or even take down the regional cellphone network. Can you hear me now?

  • There are multiple smartphone platforms.

    These days, it’s pretty safe to assume that computer software will run on a PC or a Mac or both. On the other hand, because of the various smartphone platforms out there, different versions within a given platform aren’t always compatible. The Play Store ensures that the application you’re buying will work with your version of phone.