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Your Droid Bionic Is a Radio

You can purchase and download music to your Droid Bionic, or you can use it as a player for free internet radio. Though they’re not broadcast radio stations, some sources on the Internet ― Internet radio ― play music. You can listen to this Internet music if you put one of these two free apps on your Droid Bionic:

  • Pandora Radio

  • StreamFurious

Pandora Radio lets you select music based on your mood and also customizes what you listen to according to your feedback. The app works like the Pandora Internet site, in case you’re familiar with it.


StreamFurious streams music from various radio stations on the Internet. Though not as customizable as Pandora, it uses less bandwidth.


Both apps are available at the Android Market. They’re free, though a paid Pro version of StreamFurious also exists.

Various apps are also available at the Android Market that can turn your cell phone into an FM radio. There is nothing specific to recommend, mostly because the good apps aren’t free. But keep your eyes peeled for FM radio apps for your Droid Bionic.