Writing and Sending an Email on Your HTC One - dummies

Writing and Sending an Email on Your HTC One

By Bill Hughes

After you set up the receiving part of email on your HTC One, the other important side is composing and sending emails. At any time when you’re in an email screen, simply tap the Menu button to get a pop-up screen. From the menu, tap the plus sign.

Here’s the logic that determines which email account will send this email:

  • If you’re in an email account’s inbox and tap Menu, then the plus sign, your phone sends the email to the intended recipient(s) through that account.

  • If you’re in the combined inbox or some other part of the email app, your phone assumes that you want to send the email from the default email account that you selected when you registered your second (or additional) email account.

When you tap the plus sign in the Menu pop-up menu, it tells you which account it will use. The Email composition screen shows which email account the message will be from.


As shown in this screen, the top has a stalwart To field, where you type the recipient’s address. You can also call up your contacts, a group, or your most recent email addresses. Tap the address or contact you want, and it populates the To field.

Below that, in the Subject field, is where you enter the email’s topic. And below that is the body of the email. There may be a default signature, such as Sent from my HTC One, although your cellular carrier might have customized this signature.

At the top of the screen are three icons:

  • Send: Tap this icon, which looks like an envelope with speed lines trailing it, to send the email to the intended recipient(s).

  • Attach: Tap this paper-clip icon to attach a file of any variety to your email.

  • Menu: Tap the three dots to see some less-common options for your email.

The All Draft Items folder works like the Drafts folder in your computer’s email program. You access it by tapping the three bars to the left of the email account name. When you want to continue working on a saved email, open the Drafts folder, tap the message, and continue typing.