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What’s in the Droid Bionic Box

You find several items inside the Droid Bionic box, most of which are potentially useful. Even if you’ve already opened the box and strewn its contents across the table, take a few moments to locate and identify each of the following goodies:

  • The Droid Bionic phone

  • Papers, instructions, warranty, and perhaps the booklet titled Getting Started or even Inicio

  • The phone’s battery, which might already be installed inside the phone

  • The phone’s back (battery) cover, which also might already be on the phone

  • The charger/data cable, which is basically a USB cable

  • The charger head, which is a wall adapter for the charger/data cable

  • The 4G LTE SIM card holder

The Droid Bionic may ship with a clingy, static, plastic cover over its screen. Other plastic, clingy things might be found on the back of the phone’s screen: first, a warning sticker over the rear microphone and then a tiny, plastic dot over the Motorola logo.

The plastic things tell you where various features are located or how to install the battery. You can remove all the plastic, clingy sheets at this time.

In addition to the items described in the preceding list, you might have been given a bonus package of goodies from whoever sold you the phone. If the outfit is classy, you have a handy little tote bag with perhaps the Verizon logo on it. Inside the bag, you might find these items:

  • A smart-looking, leatherette belt-clip phone holster

  • A micro-USB car charger

  • A car windshield mount

  • Headphones

  • Screen protectors

  • A phone case

  • A desktop dock or multimedia station

  • Webtop application accessories (HD Station and Lapdock, for example)

  • Even more random pieces of paper

The most important thing is the phone itself, which might require some assembly before you can use it.

You can safely set aside all this stuff until you put together the phone. Keep the instructions and other information as long as you own the phone: The phone’s box makes an excellent storage place for that stuff ― as well as anything else you don’t plan to use right away.

If anything is missing or appears to be damaged, contact the folks who sold you the phone.

  • The SIM card may have come separately and may not be found in the box.

  • When your phone has been preconfigured, either before you ordered it or at the Phone Store, they may have tossed the SIM card holder into the box. It’s a piece of plastic the size of a credit card with a hole in it where the actual SIM card was.

  • Don’t keep the SIM card holder.

  • Many think that the Droid Bionic’s box is one of the more handsome cell phone boxes. Classy.