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What Accessories Come with Your Droid X

By Dan Gookin

Several items come in the Droid X box. These Droid accessories help you make the most of your new phone. Even though you’ve probably opened the box already, or the people who sold you the phone have done so, take a moment to locate and identify each of these goodies (in addition to the Droid X itself, of course):

  • Miscellaneous papers, the instructions, the warranty, and perhaps the Getting Started foldout

  • The phone’s battery and back cover (if the battery isn’t installed)

  • A micro-USB cable

  • A power adapter

The Droid X may ship with a sheet of plastic over its screen, which tells you where various features are located. You can remove the plastic at this time.

Beyond the items just listed, you might have been given a bonus package of goodies from whoever sold you the phone. If the person was classy, you have a handy little tote bag with perhaps the Verizon logo on it. If you look inside the bag, you might find these items:

  • A smart-looking, leatherette belt-clip phone jacket

  • A micro-USB car charger

  • Headphones

  • Even more random pieces of paper

The most important doodad is the phone itself, which might require some assembly before you can use it.

Keep the instructions and other information as long as you own the phone: The phone’s box makes an excellent storage place for that stuff — as well as for anything else you don’t plan to use right away.

If anything is missing or appears to be damaged, contact Motorola Support or call them at (800) 734-5870.