Visual Voice Mail on the Droid Bionic - dummies

Visual Voice Mail on the Droid Bionic

A better option than carrier voice mail for your Droid Bionic is something Verizon calls Visual Voice Mail. It’s an app that lets you organize and listen to your messages in an interactive way, similar to e-mail. The only drawback to using Visual Voice Mail is that it costs extra. You must subscribe to the service, which runs about $2.99 per month.

Setting up Visual Voice Mail

To configure Visual Voice Mail to work on your Droid Bionic, first set up carrier voice mail. Visual Voice Mail is simply an interface into your existing carrier voice mail.

After you get carrier voice mail up and running, and especially after you set your password or PIN, touch the Launcher button to pop up the list of all apps installed on your phone. You want to start the Voicemail app and then touch the button Subscribe to Visual Voice Mail. Follow the directions on the screen to sign up and subscribe to the service.

You have to input your existing voice mail PIN to proceed, which is why you want to first set up carrier voice mail. You may also be required to install a new update to the Voicemail app.

Accessing Visual Voice Mail

Visual Voice Mail serves as your access to all voice mail left on your phone. After Visual Voice Mail is configured (see the preceding section), you never need to dial carrier voice mail again. Simply pull down the Visual Voice Mail notification, or start the Voicemail app and all your messages are instantly available on the screen.

When new voice mail arrives, you see the Visual Voice Mail notification icon, with the number of new messages shown in the icon. To access your messages, pull down the notifications and choose New Voicemail. You see your voice mail inbox, which lists all pending messages. Also shown are any messages you’ve already listened to but haven’t deleted.

Use the controls in the Visual Voice Mail app to listen to messages, call someone back, and otherwise manage your voice mail, similar to the way you manage messages in your e-mail program.

Visual Voice Mail uses the same greeting that was set when you first configured carrier voice mail. To change the greeting, you have to dial carrier voice mail and follow the menus.