Use Bookmarks on the Droid Bionic - dummies

Use Bookmarks on the Droid Bionic

Using bookmarks on the Droid Bionic is easy. Bookmarks are those electronic breadcrumbs you can drop as you wander the web. Need to revisit a website? Just look up its bookmark. This advice assumes, of course, that you create a bookmark when you first visit the site. Here’s how it works:

  1. Visit the web page you want to bookmark.

  2. Touch the Bookmark button, found at the top of the Browser window.

    The Bookmarks screen displays, as shown in this figure. The screen lists your bookmarks, showing website thumbnail previews.


  3. Touch the Add button.

    The Add button appears in the upper-left square on the Bookmarks screen. The button has the name of the site or page you’re bookmarking just below the square.

  4. If necessary, edit the bookmark name.

    The bookmark is given the web page name, which might be kind of long. It’s usually better to edit the name to fit beneath the thumbnail square.

  5. Touch OK.

    After the bookmark is set, it appears in the list of bookmarks. You can swipe the list downward to see the bookmarks and all their fun thumbnails.

Another way to add a bookmark is to touch the Most Visited tab at the top of the Bookmarks screen. This screen lists the web pages you frequent. To add one of these pages, long-press it and choose the command Add Bookmark.

  • To visit a bookmark, press the Menu soft button and choose the Bookmarks command. Touch a bookmark thumbnail to visit that site.

  • Remove a bookmark by long-pressing its thumbnail on the Bookmarks screen. Choose the command Delete Bookmark. Touch the OK button to confirm.

  • Bookmarked websites can also be placed on the Home screen: Long-press the bookmark thumbnail and choose the command Add Shortcut to Home.

  • You can switch between Thumbnail and List views for your bookmarks: When viewing the Bookmarks screen, press the Menu soft button and choose the List View command to switch to List view. To return to Thumbnail view, press the Menu soft button and choose Thumbnail View.

  • When held horizontally, the Droid Bionic displays its bookmark thumbnails in a long list that you can swipe left or right.

  • You can obtain the MyBookmarks app at the Android Market. The app can import your Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Chrome bookmarks from your Windows computer into the Droid Bionic.