Type on the Droid Bionic Multi-Touch Keyboard - dummies

Type on the Droid Bionic Multi-Touch Keyboard

Using the Droid Bionic Multi-Touch keyboard works just as you’d expect: Touch the key you want and that character appears in the program you’re using. It’s magic! A blinking cursor on the touchscreen shows where new text appears, which is similar to how text input works on your computer.

As you type on the onscreen keyboard, the key you touch appears enlarged on the screen, as shown in this figure. That’s how you can confirm that your finger is touching the character you intend to type.


The characters you type appear in whichever application accepts text input. You see what you type as you type it, just like on a computer. Also, similar to when you use a computer, when you type a password on your phone, the character you type appears briefly on the screen and is then replaced by a black dot.

  • Above all, type slowly until you get used to the keyboard.

  • When you make a mistake, press the Delete key to back up and erase.

  • To set the Shift Lock, press the Shift key twice. A little light comes on indicating that Shift Lock is on.

  • People generally accept that typing on a phone isn’t perfect. Don’t sweat it if you make a few mistakes as you type instant messages or e-mail, though you should expect some curious replies about unintended typos.

  • When you tire of typing, you can always touch the Microphone key on the keyboard and enter Dictation mode.