The Samsung Gear S2 Watch - dummies

The Samsung Gear S2 Watch

By Chris Pichereau, Abshier House

The Samsung Gear S2 watch is a timepiece that pairs with your Android device. It comes in 18K rose gold-plated and platinum-plated designs. The Samsung Gear S2 also provides a variety of bands and watch faces so you can change the look and feel of the watch at any time. The Samsung Gear S2 is flexible and is compatible with many Android devices.

You have so many options with the Samsung Gear S2. [Credit: ©]
Credit: ©
You have so many options with the Samsung Gear S2.

Samsung Gear S2 watch features

By simply rotating the bezel, you can initiate a number of activities, such as:

  • Checking the weather anywhere in the world

  • Replying to incoming texts

  • Playing up to 300 stored songs

  • Monitoring daily activity levels such as heart rate and pulse

  • Measuring exercise type

  • Counting steps

  • Receiving motivational messages

Samsung has engaged with a number of partners to provide additional capabilities. These partners include:

  • Volkswagen: Provides features for any connected vehicle with its Car-Net(US)/e-Remote(EU) apps

  • Nike+ Running app: Helps you reach running goals by tracking runs

  • Uber: Provides transportation options without taxi lines or reservations

  • ESPN: Offers upcoming, live, and final game information on favorite your teams

  • Kevo: Lets you send eKeys to friends while still maintaining control over a lock

  • Line: A global message app to help keep you in touch

  • Alipay: A handy app that allows you to make payments directly from the watch

  • Yelp: Lets you search for local businesses and get recommendations on food, attractions, and more

  • Voxer: A useful app for sending and receiving voice messages, photos and texts

Samsung makes it easy to pay for your coffee with a simple swipe of the arm. Simply hold your wrist with the Samsung Gear S2 watch near an NFC reader. This Samsung Pay feature is currently available in a select number of countries.

Here are a few other things to keep in mind about your Samsung wearable.

  • When it’s time to recharge your Samsung Gear S2 watch, simply place it on its wireless charging dock.

  • The Samsung Gear S2 watch is compatible with smartphones running on Android 4.4 and later with over 1.5GB RAM.

  • Services may be limited by region, carrier, and service.

  • Setting up the Samsung Gear S2 watch involves opening the Samsung Gear App on your Android phone and pairing it with your Samsung Gear S2 via Bluetooth.

Over 300 songs are synced to your phone by using Gear S2 Level U Bluetooth.

Changing the look and feel of your Samsung Gear S2 watch

Your watch offers many customizable features. You can switch out the faces. There are also options for personalizing details on the dial, the hands, as well as making changes to the complications. Changing bands is simple too. By clicking the tab on the back and swapping out the existing strap for a new one, you can use your watch for casual and formal wear.