The HTC One's People App - dummies

The HTC One’s People App

By Bill Hughes

Much of the hard work of using the People app may have already been done if you have introduced your phone to your email accounts. All the contacts from each of your email accounts should be automatically loaded into your People application. You may not have been aware, but you may have already been using People!


From your Home screen, tap the icon shown.

If you haven’t created a Gmail account, synced your personal email, or created a contact when you sent a text or made a call, your Contacts list will be empty. If you have done those things, you see a bunch of your contacts now residing on your phone, sorted alphabetically.


This database does more than just store names, phone numbers, and email addresses. It can include the following information:

  • The first and last name of each contact in separate fields

  • All telephone numbers, including

    • Mobile

    • Home

    • Work

    • Work fax

    • Pager

    • Other

  • Email addresses

    • Home

    • Work

    • Mobile

  • Up to nine IM addresses (including all the largest IM services like Google Talk, AIM, Windows Live, and Yahoo!)

  • Company

  • Job Title

  • Nickname

  • Mailing addresses

    • Home

    • Work

    • Another location

  • Any notes about this person

    • Web address

    • Birthday

    • Anniversary

As if all this weren’t enough, you can assign a specific ringtone to play when a particular person contacts you.

Finally, you can assign a picture for the contact. It can be one out of your Gallery; you can take a new picture; or you can connect to a social network like Facebook and use that person’s profile picture.

Fortunately, the only essential information is a name. Every other field is optional, and is only displayed if the field contains information to be displayed. The following figure shows a sparsely populated contact.


This Contacts list is smart. Say your best friend is Bill Boyce. You sent Bill a text earlier to let him know about your new phone. You entered his telephone number. You took it to the next step and tapped Add Contact. When you were prompted to add his name, you did. Now your phone has a contact for Bill Boyce.

Then you linked your email. Of course your buddy Bill is in your email Contacts list. Several things happened. First, your phone and your Gmail account synced. Your phone thinks about it, and figures this must be the same person. It automatically combines all the information in one entry on your phone!

Then your phone automatically updates your Gmail account. If you see the word Google just beneath the email address, this contact is synced with the Gmail account. You didn’t have to do anything to make this happen.

Your phone noticed that Bill’s work number was in your email contact information, but the mobile phone number you used to text him was not. No problem! Now the contact on your phone includes both the information you had in your email contact as well as his cellular phone.