The Droid Bionic as a Reader - dummies

The Droid Bionic as a Reader

Because Droid Bionic comes with two eBook reader apps preinstalled, you can read eBooks on your phone as well. An eBook is an electronic version of a book. The words, formatting, figures, pictures ― all that stuff is simply stored digitally so that you can read it on something called an eBook reader.

  • Your Droid Bionic’s preinstalled eBook reader apps are Google Books and the Amazon Kindle app.

  • The advantage of an eBook reader is that you can carry an entire library of books with you without developing back problems.

  • Rather than buy a new book at the airport, consider getting an eBook instead, though you can still read a real book during take-off and landing.

  • Lots of eBooks are free, such as quite a few of the classics including some that aren’t that boring. Current and popular titles cost money, though the cost is often cheaper than the book’s real-world equivalent.

  • Magazine and newspaper subscriptions are also available for eBook readers.

  • You’re not limited to using Google Books and the Amazon Kindle apps as your eBook reader. Other apps are available, including Aldiko, FBReader, Kobo, Laputa, and more. You can locate these eBook readers by perusing the Android Market.

  • Not every title is available as an eBook.