Text Chatting with the Hangouts App on Your Android Phone - dummies

Text Chatting with the Hangouts App on Your Android Phone

By Dan Gookin

Text chatting is one of the oldest forms of communication on the Internet. People type text back and forth at each other, which can be tedious, but it remains popular. To text chat in the Hangouts app, obey these steps:

1Choose a contact listed on the screen, or fetch one by touching the Add icon.

When you touch the Add icon, you’re starting a new hangout. Choosing a contact already on the screen continues a hangout. Even a prior video hangout can become a text hangout.

When you choose a hangout with multiple people, they all receive a copy of the message.

2Touch the action bar by the contact’s name and choose Hangouts.

The action bar lets you choose between starting a new hangout or sending a text message (SMS). For this exercise, you’re starting a hangout.

A clue that you’re starting a hangout is the video icon. When a phone icon appears, you’re sending a text message.

3Type your message, as shown.

Touch the Send icon to send your comment.

The Send icon replaces the Location and Photo icons when you start to type.

4You type, your friend types, and so on until you grow tired or the battery dies.

Adding more people to the hangout is always possible: Touch the Action Overflow icon and choose New Group Hangout. Choose a friend from those listed to invite him into the hangout.

You can leave the conversation at any time to do other things with your phone. To return to any ongoing hangout, choose the Hangouts notification, as shown in the margin.