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Ten Great Apps for the Droid Bionic

It’s an almost impossible task to narrow the list of more than 200,000 Android apps for the Droid Bionic into the ten most worthy. No one for certain has tried all the apps. Still, here are some favorites, and they’re all free. You can find them at the Android Market.

AK Notepad

One program that the Droid Bionic is missing out of the box is a notepad. A good choice for an app is AK Notepad: You can type or dictate short messages and memos.


Get a bar code scanner app

Many apps from the Android Market can be quickly accessed by scanning their bar code information with your Droid Bionic.

By using a bar code scanner app, you can instantly read in and translate bar codes into links to that app at the Android Market. A good one to check out is called Barcode Scanner. It’s easy: Run the app. Point the phone’s camera at a bar code and, in a few moments, you see a link or an option for what to do next. To get an app, choose the Open Browser option, which opens the Android Market on your phone.


The handy CardStar app answers the question, “Why do I have all these store-rewards cards?” They’re not credit cards — they’re marketing cards designed for customer loyalty programs. Rather than tote those cards around in your wallet or on your keychain, you can scan a card’s bar code using your Droid Bionic and save the “card” on the phone.


Dolphin Browser

Though I don’t mind using the Browser app that comes with the Droid Bionic, it’s universally despised by many Android phone owners. A better and more popular alternative is Dolphin Browser.

Like many popular computer browsers, Dolphin Browser features a tabbed interface, which works much better than the silly multiple-window interface of the standard Browser app on the Droid Bionic.


Gesture Search

The Gesture Search app provides a new way to find information on your Droid Bionic. Rather than use a keyboard or dictate, you simply draw on the touchscreen the first letter of whatever you’re searching for.

Gesture Search can find contacts, music, apps, and bookmarks in the Browser app.


Google Finance

The Google Finance app is an excellent market-tracking tool for folks who are obsessed with the stock market or want to keep an eye on their portfolios. The app offers you an overview of the market and updates to your stocks, as well as links to financial news.


Google Sky Map

The Google Sky Map app basically turns the Droid Bionic into a window you can look through to identify objects in the night sky. Just start the app and hold the phone up to the sky. Pan the phone to identify planets, stars, and constellations.


Google Sky Map promotes using the Droid Bionic without touching the screen. For this reason, the screen goes blank after a spell, which is merely the phone’s power-saving mode. If you plan extensive stargazing with Google Sky Map, consider resetting the screen time-out.


The Movies app is the Droid Bionic gateway to Hollywood. It lists currently running films and films that are opening, and it has links to your local theaters with showtimes and other information. It’s also tied into the popular Rotten Tomatoes website for reviews and feedback. If you enjoy going to the movies, you’ll find the Movies app a valuable addition to your Droid Bionic.



The sports nuts claim that the very best app for the craving to have the latest scores, news, and schedules is a handy thing named SportsTap.


Voice Recorder

The Droid Bionic can record your voice or other sounds, and Voice Recorder is a good app for performing this task. It has an elegant and simple interface: Touch the big Record button to start recording.



The Zedge app is a helpful resource for finding wallpapers and ringtones for the Droid Bionic. It’s a sharing app, so you can access wallpapers and ringtones created by other Android phone users as well as share your own.