Take a Panoramic Photo with Your Droid Bionic - dummies

Take a Panoramic Photo with Your Droid Bionic

A panorama is a wide shot, like a landscape, a beautiful vista, or a group photograph. One Droid Bionic camera mode enables you to combine several images into a panoramic shot. Follow these steps:

  1. Start the Camera app.

  2. Press the Menu soft button to slide out the Control Drawer.

  3. Choose Panorama from the Picture Modes button’s menu.

    The Picture Modes icon looks like a framed picture of a mountain.

  4. Hold your arms steady.

    Pivot on your feet as you scan around you to compose the panoramic image.

  5. Touch the Shutter button.

    You see a white frame on the screen, which approximates the last shot. Arrows point in the four directions in which you can pan. The Shutter button changes to the Stop button.

  6. Pivot slightly to your right (or left or up or down, but you must continue in the same direction).

    As you move the camera, the white frame adjusts to your new position. The Droid Bionic beeps as the next image in the panorama is snapped automatically. All you need to do is keep moving.

  7. Continue pivoting as subsequent shots are taken, or touch the Stop button to finish the panorama.

    After the last image is snapped, wait while the image is assembled.

The Camera app sticks the different shots together, creating a panoramic image.

The Droid Bionic camera automatically captures the panoramic shot. You touch the shutter button only when you’re done.