Sports Apps for Android - dummies

By Daniel A. Begun

Sports fans can find a variety of sports apps available for Android devices. You can keep track of the latest scores and stats for your favorite sports teams, manage teams and players for fantasy leagues, use GPS tracking to assist with your golf game while on the course, and more effectively plan your underwater dives.

Some top sports apps for Android devices include the following:

  • DivePlanner Pro (€1.00): DivePlanner Pro helps you plan multiple dives by using the official PADI RDP (Recreational Diver Planner) tables. Input the depth of your dive and your bottom time, and DivePlanner Pro indicates what your Pressure Group is.

    Before you head back in the water, enter your surface interval, and DivePlanner Pro displays your adjusted Pressure Group. If you also input the expected depth of your next dive, DivePlanner Pro shows you the maximum amount of time you can be underwater to stay within your no-decompression limit.

  • ESPN ScoreCenter (free; ad supported): ESPN ScoreCenter helps you keep up with the latest news and scores. What ESPN ScoreCenter does best is give you the information you want for just those teams and sports you care about. Choose your favorite teams, and they show up on the myTeam page, where you see the scores from the most recently played games and upcoming scheduled games.

  • Geocaching ($9.99 US): Geocaching can be a fun — and sometimes physically active — endeavor, where you use GPS to locate a hidden “treasure.” With this app, you can use your Android device to search for any of the over one million worldwide, active geocaches from the Geocaching library. After you pick the geocache you want to track down, you can see all the information about it, including its description, hints, photos, and log entries.

  • Golf Channel Mobile (free; ad supported): With the above-par Golf Channel Mobile app, you can get the latest news of what’s happening in the professional golf world, even when you’re nowhere near a TV or computer. Golf Channel Mobile receives a continuous stream of golf-related news stories and updated scores from major golf tours. You can even select a player’s entry from the scores to see how he or she fared in each round and on each hole.

  • GPSCaddy (£12.99): With GPSCaddy, you’ll know about every hole’s features that sit between the tee and the green. GPSCaddy is a location-aware app that uses your device’s GPS to determine its exact location. This app tracks the scores of up to four players. At the end of each hole, tap the Next Hole button and you’re prompted to enter the scores for all the players.


  • At Bat ($14.99 US during season; free during off-season): This is the official Android app for major league baseball. When you launch At Bat, it displays the Scoreboard screen, which gives you a brief overview of every game that’s going on that day (see the figure on the left). Each game listed shows the score, the inning, bases occupied, number of outs, who’s pitching, who’s at bat, and even the current count of balls and strikes.


  • Satski (£5.99): The next time you hit the slopes, bring along your Android device with Satski installed on it, and you’ll wonder how you ever skied or snowboarded without it. Satski is a GPS tracking app for skiers; but it does far more than just show where you are on a map of a mountain. The scrollable and zoomable map displays the resort’s trails, their difficulty levels, ski lifts, and gondolas, as well as resort features, such as lodges and restaurants.

  • SportsTap (free; ad supported): You don’t have to be a sports nut to appreciate SportsTap. Its easy-to-navigate interface and tough-to-beat price (free!) make it the ideal app even if you just want to check on a score or see a team’s schedule every once in a while. That said, crazed sports fans who can never get enough up-to-date information about their favorite teams will love SportsTap for its wealth of data and capability to deliver timely updates.

  • Tennis Math (free): Tennis coaches and tennis moms will love Tennis Math’s capability to help them keep score during matches. In Beginner mode, all you need do is tap which player wins the point. In Intermediate mode, you can also track if the server scores an ace or faults, and if the point is won by a forced or unforced error.

    Professional mode lets you track additional stats for how the point was won, such as if the ball was off the net, if it was won with a backhand or forehand shot, and the type of shot (such as ground, smash, or lob).

  • Yahoo! Fantasy Football (free; ad supported): One of the more popular destinations for fantasy sports is Yahoo!, which hosts fantasy leagues for a number of sports, including baseball, basketball, and hockey. But perhaps the most popular fantasy sport has to be football, and if you participate in a Yahoo! Fantasy Football league, you can manage your teams and players from your Android device with the Yahoo! Fantasy Football app.