Share and Delete Contacts on the Droid Bionic - dummies

Share and Delete Contacts on the Droid Bionic

You can share contact information on your Droid Bionic with other people via email, Gmail, text messaging, etc. You can also delete contacts that you no longer need.

To share contact information from your Contacts list, follow these steps:

  1. Summon the contact you want to share from your Contacts list.

  2. Press the Menu soft button and choose the Share command.

    You cannot share social networking contacts, which explains why the Share button may be disabled for some people.

  3. Choose the items you want to share about the contact.

    All items have green check marks by them. Touch a green check mark to deselect an item you don’t want to share about the contact.

  4. Touch OK.

  5. Choose how to send the information: Bluetooth, Email, Gmail, Text Messaging, or whatever else might be displayed.

    After you choose a method, the appropriate app appears for sharing the contact’s name card.

What you’re sending is a vCard, a common type of file used by databases and personal information software to exchange contact information. You can use the vCard, for example, to import information into your computer’s e-mail program.

Sometimes you need to delete a contact from your Contacts list. Every so often, consider reviewing your phone’s contacts. Purge those folks whom you no longer recognize or you’ve forgotten. It’s simple:

  1. Locate the contact in your Contacts list and display the contact’s information.

  2. Press the Menu soft button and choose Delete Contact.

    A warning may appear, depending on whether the contact has information linked from your social networking sites. If so, dismiss the warning by touching the OK button.

  3. Touch OK to remove the contact from your phone.

Because the Contacts list is synchronized with your Gmail contacts for your Google account, the contact is also removed there.

For some linked accounts, such as Facebook, deleting the account from your phone doesn’t remove the human from your Facebook account. The warning that appears explains as much.