Set Up Droid Bionic for the First Time - dummies

Set Up Droid Bionic for the First Time

To turn on the Droid Bionic for the first time, press its Power Lock button for a second or so. You see the Motorola logo, the word Droid, and some fancy graphics and animation. After a moment, you hear the phone say, robotically: “Droid!” Don’t be alarmed — it isn’t yet the Robot Apocalypse.

The first thing the Droid Bionic prompts you to do is activate the phone for use on the cellular network. Odds are good that the fine folks at the Phone Store completed the activation for you. If not, follow the directions on the screen: Touch the Activate button to activate the phone on the Verizon network.

If you’re prompted to agree to the Motorola Terms of Service agreement, touch the check box on the screen. Touch the Next button.

The final step in the first-time setup process is to coordinate the phone with your Google account. By doing so, you share with the Droid Bionic whatever information you have on the Internet for your e-mail and contacts on Gmail, appointments on the Google Calendar, and information and data from other Google Internet applications.

Generally speaking, fill in all requested information. Touch the Next button to continue.

Here are some hints to help you complete the setup process:

  • Decide if you need to obtain a Google account if you don’t yet have one.

  • You’ll have to configure your Google account on the Droid Bionic if you skipped account setup when you first turned on the Droid Bionic.

  • Touch a text field to summon the onscreen keyboard. Use the keyboard to fill in the blanks.

  • Text typed into a password field appears briefly, but is then replaced by black dots. The dots prevent prying eyes from stealing your password.

  • If you’re using the onscreen keyboard, touch the Done key when you finish typing. Then you can see the Sign In button, which is obscured by the onscreen keyboard.

  • You can skip the Backup Assistant: Touch the second Skip button again to confirm.

  • Ensure that you activate all three of the services on the Location Consent screen: Touch the check box by each one and then touch the Agree button on the screen that appears. You need the location services to best use the phone’s mapping and location abilities.

  • Optionally, take the guided tour or just touch the Finish button.

  • If you find any option that perplexes you, use this book’s Index to look up the item and glean more information.

  • After the initial setup, you’re taken to the Home screen. You should probably read up on the Home screen information right away, before the temptation to play with the Droid Bionic becomes unbearable.