How to Select a Group of Items on Your Android Touchscreen

By Dan Gookin

Unique to your Android phone’s touchscreen is the manner in which a group of items is selected. On a computer, you drag the mouse over the items. On a phone’s touchscreen, you perform these steps:

  1. Long-press the first item, such as a photo thumbnail in an album.
    The item is selected, and it appears highlighted on the screen or grows a tiny check mark. Also, an action bar appears atop the screen, similar to the one shown. It lists icons such as Share and Delete, which manipulate the group of selected items.

    A typical action bar.
  2. Tap additional items to select them.
    As long as the action bar appears, you tap to keep adding items to the mix. The action bar lists the total number of selected items, as illustrated.
  3. Do something with the group.
    Choose an icon from the action bar.

To cancel the selection, tap the Cancel (X) icon on the action bar, which deselects all items.