Searching for Favorite or Recent Places in the Android Maps App

By Dan Gookin

Just as you can bookmark favorite websites on the Internet on your Android phone, you can use the Maps app to mark favorite places in the real world. The feature is called Your Places.


To review your favorite places or browse your recent map searches, tap the Side Menu icon and choose Your Places from the navigation drawer. The Your Places screen features four tabs:

  • Labeled lists locations related to your contacts, as well as your home and work locations.
  • Saved lists any locations you’ve flagged as favorites. Tap the SAVE (Star) icon on the location’s details card to save a location.


  • Visited refers to any locations you’ve been to recently.
  • Maps lets you view custom maps you’ve created. It’s a feature not yet fully implemented as this book goes to press.

Select a tab, and then swipe through the list to see recent searches, saved places, and any offline maps you’ve saved. To revisit a location or view an item, tap its entry in the list.